February 26, 2011


by Dee (and her cousin)


Come, my children, and I shall tell you a tale of the four greatest knights ever to grace our land. No other kingdom may boast such a tale: not Eldo, not Nong, nor anywhere else. These four knights did the impossible and achieved with no one before them could do. They battled evil forces and rescued our country from doom. However, it was not these mighty deeds that made the four so great, but the change that they wrought within themselves.
The first knight is one whom I have grown to love unconditionally. This is the Princess, whom you yourselves know. You know she is a gentle person, who always thinks of others. You know she treasures outward beauty, but even more so treasures the beauty of the heart. But there was a time when the only thing she cared for was herself, and superficial vanity ruled in her mind.
The second knight is one whom I love because of our differences. This is the Swordmaster, whom you also know. You know she is a strong-willed woman of great strength and wisdom, who always gives thought to her words before she speaks them. Yet some time ago, she was a fiery headstrong young girl, who would act without a second thought and often spoke hurtful words without meaning to.
The third knight is one whom I love because of our similarities. This is the Archer, whom you know as well. You know she is a clever person, one who always knows the right thing to say and do at the right time. You know she cares for anyone and everyone she meets. But I know of a time, not that long ago, when she would go days without speaking and would often wither in anxiety of what others thought of her.
And the last knight is one whom I love like a brother. This is the Warrior, whom you know. You know he is hardworking, always knowing what is just. You know that he would never once reject a person because of their history, despite his nobility. But this tolerance of his comes from a hidden background: once, this noble knight was simply the impoverished son of a drunk and a tavern maid, overshadowed by his older brothers, who had left him behind.
The four of them defied all odds to become the people they are now, but this story is not only about what happened to them, but what they did for Crelynd. It is a long and exciting tale.
Our story begins in this land, Crelynd, where in the first year of the reign of King Daragon and Queen Cara the prince Joshua was born and the royal jewels were stolen. The jewels were taken by an evil enchanter by the name of Ostello, who had desired to marry Queen Cara himself. Crelynd knew not what danger it entered into then, for the jewels bestowed upon Ostello invisibility, invincibility, and immortality.
It was three years after the jewels were stolen that Ostello came back to the castle in the guise of a shoe peddler, and lured young Prince Joshua into his clutches. They were gone before King Daragon realized what had happened. Undeterred, the king rode from the castle with his finest company to retrieve his son. But neither the king nor any of his company ever returned.

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