February 7, 2011

Farewell to a Young Girl

By Amanda

Blindless madness
actions unjust,
he ignored their lives,
the lives he touched.
One injured here, another
killed there; a parent's grief,
their crying we'll hear.
Echoing down the halls of time
we'll forever hear the dying cries.
Nine years old with dreams
unfulfilled, her breathing stopped;
her breathing stilled.
Never forget the lives lost
on the day a man wanted a
congresswoman shot. Harmless
civilians buried deep -
we mourn for a short time
while their souls continue weeping.
Brought into the world on a tragic day
caused by terrorists full of sin,
only nine years to live, then
killed by country kin.
Gone now, your breath a wisp,
tears falling down
sadly, it's not a trick...
Dreams so big, a heart to match;
Christina Green, your memory
shall last.

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